Memorial Garden

After two years of researching, planning, educating, building and planting, AUMC dedicated its Memorial Garden to God on May 17, 2009. Facing Main Street, just east of the sanctuary, the Garden provides a serene, beautiful place for the cremains of deceased members and immediate family. Surrounded by shrubs and flowers, the Garden encourages loved ones to visit often, to remember, to find comfort and to commune with God.

When this project was initiated in 2007, AUMC decided to construct a Columbarium. This is a structure comprised of individual niches or compartments, each of which has space for two urns containing cremains. Each niche has a granite plaque on which names and birth and death dates are engraved. 

As work progressed, Scattering Beds and a Memorial Wall were added. The Scattering Beds provide locations for ashes to be spread. A granite plaque on which names, birth and death dates and a small Methodist cross are engraved is displayed on the Memorial Wall. Plaques for loved ones buried or scattered elsewhere are also displayed on the wall.

In this effort to expand AUMC’s ministry, an alternative to traditional burial and a limited use of expensive funeral homes is offered. Advantages abound. Being on the AUMC campus allows for our last resting place to be near our beloved church, outside amidst God’s natural beauty.

Memorial Garden costs range from $250 for a wall plaque to $1,300 for a niche with two urns. There are no additional charges and the option to pre-pay for a niche or plaque over a period of time is available.

For more specific information, please contact the AUMC office at 931-537-6111.